Design Guidelines for Eastwood

Eastwood is another quality McCloy Group residential community. We have developed these guidelines to help you create a home in a high quality residential neighbourhood, in turn adding value and contributing to the sense of community.

Many visual elements contribute to an increased sense of community, many of which will be provided by us such as entry features, public art, children’s playgrounds, open space, and mature street trees, for example. However some will be provided by you and these design guidelines will assist you in designing your new home and landscaping to ensure all homes complement each other and contribute positively to the visually attractive streetscapes.

Compliance with these guidelines will help protect your investment by ensuring all homes are of a similar high quality. Your home should be designed to take advantage of the best orientation, views and outlooks including those to the street. The presentation of the house to the street and other public areas contributes to the visual character, social interaction and passive surveillance of both your home and the neighbourhood.

All care has been taken to ensure that these design guidelines comply with council requirements and current building legislation, however, you are responsible for ensuring compliance with all statutory requirements. These design guidelines are to be read in conjunction with your Land Sales Contract and the associated 88b instrument which sets out the easements, restrictions on use and positive covenants on land title.


These Guidelines are provided for information purposes only to assist potential purchasers and owners within the Estate in designing a home. They should not be relied upon for any other purpose. Illustrations and pictures in these Guidelines are intended to be a visual aid only and do not necessarily depict the actual development. Whilst the McCloy Group has taken all reasonable endeavours in preparing these Guidelines to ensure they reflect the registered section 88B instrument and relevant Council and other planning controls nothing in these guidelines should be taken as the provision of advice. The Purchaser should rely upon its own enquiries and seek professional advice in this regard. The McCloy Group gives no warranty and makes no representation as to the accuracy of the information contained in these Guidelines and accepts no liability for any loss which may be suffered by any person who relies either wholly or in part upon the information presented. The Guidelines are subject to change without notice.